Ryan O'Donnell By Ryan O'Donnell • February 12, 2018

9 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Employee Referral Program?

Launching an employee referral program can be a daunting task. There are policies to write, campaigns to build and rewards to manage. When evaluating your current employee referral program or considering launching a new program, you need to consider the following questions to make sure you do not miss any critical ingredients in your employee referral program.


  1. Does your company automatically promote the referral program and / jobs to employees based on their social profiles at least once a month?
  2. Can employees easily share trackable links to our careers page and individual jobs on their social network?
  3. Can employees submit company generic referrals by dropping a name and email or resume for consideration?
  4. Can employees recommend a specific job(s) to their referrals?
  5. Can employees share additional information about their referrals like how they know them or what makes them a great fit for the company?
  6. Does your company currently have a way to prioritize, sort or filter referrals based on their fit with the company or the job?
  7. Does your company update employees on the status of their referrals on a weekly basis?
  8. Does your company clearly communicate and fulfill the rewards offered to your employees participating in the employee referral program?
  9. Do you currently measure the percent of employees engaged in your program in addition to your percent of your hires from employee referrals?
  10. Does your current applicant tracking system support doing the above or are you managing your program in a separate tool like email or excel?


Grade My Employee Referral Program


Despite decades of research that shows employee referrals are the number source of quality hires, many talent acquisition and HR executives still wonder what makes a great referral program. Combining the winning characteristics from companies like Google, RedHat, Intel, Citrix, and dozens of others, this test on EmployUs will give you a standard to see how your referral program is performing and how you can improve.