Ryan O'Donnell By Ryan O'Donnell • April 24, 2018

How to Revive Your Employee Referral Program

How to Revive Your Employee Referral Program

Is your company generating the high level of prospective candidates it needs to remain competitive in your industry? If not, you need to take a closer look at your employee referral program. Multiple studies show that referrals typically are of higher quality, offer a faster time-to-hire rate, require less onboarding time and remain with the company longer than traditional hires.

However, having an employee referral program in place is useless if it is not providing the desired results. If you've been thinking about improving your employee referral program, now is the time.


One of the most important aspects of any employee referral program is consistency. Are all job openings posted through the same medium? Is the entire staff notified when the hiring process begins? Is your brand message consistent with each new job opening? Are incentive rewards delivered in a fair and timely manner?

These are the tough questions to ask yourself. If your employee referral program is seen as biased, unfair or inconsistent, it loses its effectiveness. Your team is not going to refer high-quality candidates if they don’t have faith in the process.


Your employees are not recruiters – but they can be powerful advocates, especially when it comes to referring quality applicants. Let’s be honest; your employees' work and personal schedules are just as hectic as yours, and they don’t have the time to make recruiting a priority.

This doesn’t mean they won’t make a referral. In fact, one study showed that 60 percent of the employees surveyed had made at least one referral in the past. The trick is to make the referral process as easy and stress-free as possible. Employees should know exactly how the process works. You must offer a simple, mobile-friendly interface that allows your staff to make a referral in just a matter of seconds.


The worst thing you can do is ask your employees to make a referral and then leave them in the dark. Remember, in many cases, your staff will be referring people they are connected to – their friends, family members and colleagues. They want to know that if they put their personal reputation on the line, you are going to take their referral seriously.

You must update your employees at every step of the process. If you end up not hiring a referral, be sure to speak with your employee and provide a brief explanation, if possible, as to why the referral wasn’t selected. Just one bad experience can prevent that employee, as well as any coworkers they share the story with, from making additional referrals.


Application Tracking Systems (ATS) are great for sifting through applications and narrowing down your selection to the right prospective candidates, but they do very little to help boost employee referrals. Purchasing an employee referral program platform designed to help tackle these issues can help you increase employee participation and program performance. The referral program software doesn’t replace your current ATS system. Rather, it is integrated into the system to improve capabilities and referral results.

How Does EmployUs Help?

EmployUs offers a well-rounded mobile-first solution designed to help revive your current employee referral program and enable you to get the results your company needs including the following:

  • Employee Friendly Interface

  • Push Notification Engagement Campaigns

  • Transparent Referral Updates

  • Social Media Posting Capabilities

  • Reward Payment Management

Build a dynamic team by tapping into your company’s greatest assets – your employees. Learn how you can revive your employee referral program today, and start seeing results tomorrow.

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