Ryan O'Donnell By Ryan O'Donnell • December 1, 2015

EmployUs Raises $750,000 to Grow "Uber of Recruiting"

Mobile hiring app takes on $420+ billion recruiting industry

RALEIGH, NC (Dec. 1, 2015)EmployUs announced today it has raised a $750,000 seed round investment, led by Cofounders Capital, Sovereign’s Capital, and several Angel investors. EmployUs launched a mobile hiring app that rewards users for recommending people in their network to jobs, providing employers with an on-demand recruiting app identifying interested talent for open jobs.

Using EmployUs, employers can post unlimited jobs for free only by offering a referral bonus, paid out for a successful hire. EmployUs offers a 100% risk-free way to hire more referrals from inside and outside their company through one integrated platform. EmployUs will remain an invite only platform until early 2016, when it will be publicly available on iOS and Android. Until then, interested users and employers can request their invitation on a first come first serve basis.

EmployUs is not another hiring application matching resumes with job requirements; rather it harnesses the power of the referral, which is proven to increase quality and decrease the cost per hire while doubling retention and engagement scores. Expanding on the success of internal employee referral programs, anyone with the EmployUs app, not just a company’s employees, can refer their connections to any jobs and get rewarded. Currently, one in six job seekers get hired.

“EmployUs is a real game-changer for hiring managers who want to stop hunting resumes,” said David Gardner, Co-Founder of PeopleFluent and General Partner, Cofounders Capital. The software will integrate seamlessly into a company’s existing HR software, providing a turnkey recruiting platform of on-demand connectors filling available jobs immediately. Adding, “Our integrations will make signing up quick and painless. Unlike most hiring software, EmployUs solves the number problem in this industry, finding the best people for the job.”

Like most successful companies in “The Sharing Economy,” EmployUs provides a simpler solution to an inefficient business model, in this case, sourcing talent through on-demand referrals. Companies traditionally using job boards, recruiting agencies, and other manual sourcing tools are overwhelmed with under-qualified candidates. On EmployUs, employers only receive personalized and interested referrals, finding an ideal candidate every time you open the app.

“After spending 35 years building one of the largest recruiting companies in the world, it’­­s just common sense that referrals are the best source of talent,” commented EmployUs co-founder, Jeff Stocks, and former CEO of Manpower in Raleigh, NC. “EmployUs organizes and delivers the right referrals, totally disrupting the entire recruiting industry.”

As a 2014 graduate of the Citrix-RedHat Innovators Program focused on enterprise software and NC IDEA Grant recipient, EmployUs launched an exclusive pilot program in March of this year, with 30 Triangle-area employers ranging from top start-ups to global companies like Citrix, and saw immediate results. “We believe it’s a game-changing technology that is easy to use and that will reach a larger network of candidates than typically we can reach on our own,’’ said Diane Johnson, senior manager for talent acquisition at Citrix, commenting on the success of EmployUs to fill 20% of their posted jobs.

Connectors today are earning on average $3,000 per job referral. “1,000’s of users helped us validate the product by making the right connections to the right jobs,” said EmployUs CEO Ryan O’Donnell. “Proving one in six applicants gets hired is just the beginning. We are excited to connect employers and job seekers through trusted referrals allowing anyone to start working where they belong.”

About EmployUs

EmployUs is a free mobile hiring app connecting employers and job seekers through trusted referrals. Deemed the “Uber of Recruiting,” EmployUs helps employers hire more referrals by rewarding people for network they’ve built. Serial entrepreneur, Ryan O’Donnell, and former Manpower CEO, Jeff Stocks, founded EmployUs in 2014 and are backed by the founder of PeopleFluent, Cofounder’s Capital, Sovereign’s Capital, Citrix, RedHat, and NC IDEA Fund.

About Cofounders Capital

Cofounders Capital is an early stage seed fund focused on software ventures in the Triangle.  Created in 2015, Cofounders Capital is managed by serially successful entrepreneur, David Gardner with a team of over seventy advisers and volunteer mentors who are all investors in the fund, eager to support entrepreneurship in the Triangle and to help our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs succeed. 

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