Ryan O'Donnell By Ryan O'Donnell • July 13, 2016

EmployUs Hiring App Boasts 50X Better than Job Boards

**This is Part Five of "The Five Part Guide to Hiring by the CEO of the "Uber of Recruiting." Check out the introduction here.

Today, EmployUs is proud to announce the release of our flagship mobile application available for iPhone and Android users. Following a successful beta and VIP access, we are granting access to everyone who wants to get introduced to their dream job or get rewarded for the network they have built.

"EmployUs: Disrupting the Job Recruiting Industry." - Forbes

Connect people you trust to awesome jobs and get rewarded up to $10,000 when they get hired. EmployUs rewards well-connected professionals by connecting employers and job seekers through trusted referrals. Here's what you can expect to see with our latest app...


Check out this video of how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bnYXUiFoic

Are You Looking for a Better Job?

This app is built to help you land your dream job. Swipe-through hundreds of open jobs in your area and get recommended by someone you know. Getting someone to vouch for you on EmployUs is 50X more effective at getting you hired than applying on traditional job boards, where hundreds of resumes compete for a hiring managers attention.

Listen to Andy Cagle, someone who just landed his dream job as a Communications and PR Manager at VitalSource after getting referred on EmployUs.


From fast-growing start-ups to global companies, EmployUs offers job seekers with unprecedented access to employers. Right now, 1 in 6 job seekers get hired using our tool. Once you get referred to a hiring manager, chat directly with them and the person who introduced you within the app, get faster responses and don’t feel like you applied through another “monster” sized black hole again.

Are You Hiring?

Did you know you can post unlimited jobs for free by going to www.employus.com/employers? Employers have started to line up to get access to the platform, citing the impact of hiring quality referrals using the tool.

"Referrals are the best way to find our employees and EmployUs made it easy to receive and reward referrals. We hired an awesome designer in less than two weeks by listing our job on EmployUs." 

-Thad, CEO of FilterEasy

Posting jobs on the mobile app is 100% risk-free for employers who offer referral bonuses to employees, alumni-networks, non-employees, contractors, partners and more using the tool. Offering bonuses to employees and non-employees in one platform has helped employers attract a larger and more diverse workforce while improving their candidate quality and retention.

EmployUs tracks each referral through the hiring process via integrations with existing applicant tracking systems, providing a turn-key and seamless experience for employers and transparency for job seekers. Major regional employers like WakeMed, First Citizens Bank, and Citrix are among a select number of employers getting access with this launch.

About the Author:

Ryan O'Donnell is the CEO & Co-Founder of EmployUs, a free mobile hiring app connecting employers and job seekers through trusted referrals. Called the “Uber of Recruiting,” EmployUs built a risk-free way for employers to hire more referrals by rewarding anyone for the network they've built. Interested in our free mobile hiring app to hire more referrals, visit our website to learn more and book a private demo.