By Jon Yildiz • May 12, 2016

4 Reasons Why Job Boards Are A Waste Of Time – And The Solution

There’s no denying that job hunting is a universally hated endeavor – one that gets described as “soul sucking” frighteningly commonly.

Job search frustration
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A prolonged period of job hunting goes deep in one’s psyche and impacts the most basic and fundamental things – reassessment of self-worth and increasing self-doubt.

Wake up, look at job boards, apply for jobs, never hear anything back. Tens of jobs. Maybe hundreds. It’s like you’re sending your resume to a black hole.

You think you might be doing something wrong. But what?

Maybe it’s the job boards. And career sites. Here’s what’s wrong with job boards.

1. They are spammy.

Nearly nothing about job boards can be described as “intentional” or “deliberate”. Many jobs there have been scraped automatically from somewhere else on the web, and some of them don’t even have hiring managers attached. So in many cases you’re actually sending your resume to a black hole.

2. They receive an enormous number of applicants.

Anybody can apply online. Even people who aren’t even remotely qualified for the job. The problem this creates for you, the qualified candidate, is that you’re put into that very same pile.

That pile is massive, meaning the resumes get 5-second glances rather than a thorough inspection. Or, maybe even worse, nobody ever even sees it. Cue the…

On job boards, you’re competing with hundreds

3. Applicant Tracking Systems.

‘Cold-applying’, or applying online without a referral or any contacts in the company, more than likely puts your future at that company in the hands of the automatic elimination process of ATS’s.

This is a computer scanning your resume for keywords. If it doesn’t find the keywords, your application is discarded and your resume is never even seen by a human. Used a slightly different wording of the same thing? A human would understand. The computer does not.

“I’m afraid I can’t let that hiring manager see your resume, Dave.”

ATS’s nix 75% of applications instantly and automatically this way. Just think about it – for every job application you send, there’s a 75% chance that nobody will ever actually see it.

4. No referral or contacts at the company.

This is the big one: When cold-applying, you simply can’t get over the fact that the position you are applying for will most likely be filled by a referral, instead of an online applicant. This is in spite of the fact that only 7% of their applicants will come from a referral and over 70% from career sites or job boards.

You heard that right – even though referrals are a tiny portion of applicants, more positions are filled by referrals than by job boards and career site applications.

Do the math – a referral gives you an enormous 17x advantage. Source: Jobvite

Why? Because referrals aren’t spammy, they aren’t huge in number, they are intentional and deliberate. Every referral gets a thorough examination, instead of an ATS automatically ‘weeding them out’ or a hiring pro glancing at a resume for a couple seconds. Result: They get hired.

Lesson: Do Not Cold Apply…

..or you’ll get the ‘black hole’ effect: You’ll submit hundreds of resumes but barely hear back from any of them, and if it goes for long enough, it’ll cripple your enthusiasm and cause serious changes on your self identity.

Referrals are worth their weight in gold. Of course – they aren’t very easy to get: Our networks are all limited. How can you get over this problem?

This app makes getting a referral much easier

We have a mobile app called EmployUs. It makes getting a referral for a job much easier – just download the app, browse jobs, and when you see a position that you like, ask a friend to refer you. That simple.

And it works. For the past year we’ve run a beta program. Remember how we just said job boards suck? Yeah, they do. If you apply through a job board, your chances of getting hired are about 1 in 300.

Job boards are a waste of time. Switch to EmployUs.

But get a referral through EmployUs and your chances of getting hired are about 1 in 6 to 1 in 7. That is insanely effective.  How? Because the whole app is the opposite of job boards.

It’s all intentional. There’s nothing spammy about it – people post jobs, people make referrals, people apply, and people review applicants. As such, it works incredibly well.

We’re proud to say that if today you’re looking for a job, there is no place better than EmployUs to get it.