Ryan O'Donnell By Ryan O'Donnell • October 26, 2015

3 Big Takeaways from #HRTech2015

After a great week in Las Vegas at the 2015 HR Tech Conference, I wanted to share a quick recap of three things I took away from the conference. Since I used to be a recruiter before founding EmployUs, this conference was an eye-opener for what's new and exciting in the world of HR tech. Let's dive in.

1. The Best Session You Missed: IBM + SmartRecruiters

Brett Queener of SmartRecruiters shared how they worked with IBM to distribute jobs at massive scale, starting with how they dated (and eventually got married) to build a great vendor-customer relationships. As the founder of an HR Tech start-up myself, this session really hit home for me. Distributing 50,000+ jobs postings around the world isn't easy, but this partnership was a match made in heaven. 

"Small pilots, clear goals, and mutual trust."

Their approach on agile recruiting was very insightful, focused on small pilots, clear milestones, and mutual trust. A lesson can be learned here for all entrepreneurs looking to partner with larger employers: build trust with your early customers and develop relationships before starting any large-scale projects.

2. Top Start-Up to Watch: Lever

I am a big fan of Lever's collaborative hiring tool and in case you haven't heard they recently raised $10M to scale up their all-in-one ATS and hiring platform for name-brand start-ups and fast-growing companies.

More hiring professionals and my fellow entrepreneurs should check out their product because their demo really focuses on giving hiring teams the ability to source, interview, and hire faster. My first thought was setting this up would only take a few minutes and my team could learn it as fast as they learned to use Slack. It's intuitive, it's clean, and I'm excited to see where their team is headed.

3. Favorite Announcement: ADP Marketplace

ADP is one of the most recognizable companies in HR Tech with a 65 year legacy serving over 620,000 businesses around the world. They unveiled the ADP Marketplace, a single integrated platform for all of your HR apps. They demoed their marketplace by demoing 6 HR apps in 10 minutes all integrated with ADP.

Integrating multiple HR software products is a number one priority for many HR executives. Often it is a long and tedious process, not anymore thanks to ADP. As many HR Tech titans are acquiring and bundling services, this marketplace provides immediate value to partners and customers. To be honest, I'm biased because my start-up, EmployUs, was one of the first apps included in the marketplace. Interested in learning more, check out the full recap from Aptitude Research Partners. 

All in all, it is an exciting time to be in the HR software industry!

"See You in Chicago for HR Tech 2016!"

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